Signs Of A Reputable Dermatologist In Singapore


Putting your face and skin care in general into the hands of someone else is indeed an act of trust and faith. Not all dermatologists are created equal. There is always a Singapore dermatologist who will stand out from the rest. Some dermatologists can produce the desired result while others will give mediocre outcome. Finding the one who will seriously work with you to resolve your skin problem and issues requires some research.

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The difference between a reputable dermatologist in Singapore and a just-okay one is significantly big. With a great dermatologist, you can get consistently good results a higher percentage of the time. So if you are looking for your ideal dermatologist, the following signs can help you decide to whom you should put your trust.

  • Impressive Credentials

A reputable dermatologist should have a medical degree from an accredited medical school and must be board-certified. This is very important since he or she must have enough knowledge about skin diseases and treatments. Dermatologists undergo several years of training, and should pass a challenging and rigorous certification exam to be authorised to practice the profession. Always check the educational and professional background of the dermatologist to ensure he or she is accredited. If you find a dermatologist who is board-certified, it is a good sign that he or she can provide treatments to your skin problems.

  • Unrushed Appointments

A good dermatologist never looks at the clock during appointments rather his or her eyes should be on your chart. If the dermatologist is not focused on your personal concerns or doesn’t pay attention to your questions, then he or she is not the right one for you. The best dermatologist in Singapore must take the time to explain the situation, address your problems, properly explain the treatment plans, and discuss any tests you might be required to undergo. If a dermatologist dismisses your queries or rushes your appointment, consider finding someone else who values you more.

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  • After-hours Care

An excellent dermatologist will never make you feel left in the dark. It means he or she will take extra effort to answer your questions even after your appointment. Whether you are experiencing a side effect after the treatment or you have a very important question, there should be a way to get in touch with her or him during weekends or evenings. Some dermatologists have on-call service for emergencies after office hours. Rather than finding yourself out of luck worrying about your allergic reaction with no one to ask, find a dermatologist who will be there for you when you need him or her.

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  • Don’t Do Sales Pitching

A respectable Singapore dermatologist never pushes you to buy skin care products you don’t need. In the first place, it is a doctor’s office and not a beauty care product shop or a shopping show. Your dermatologist along with her staff must not aggressively sell products or other treatments that don’t directly address your skin issues. Some dermatologists are too pushy when it comes to offering other services in the clinic, which often lead to bad impression. So if you feel that a dermatologist is selling something you don’t really need, undeniably, he or she is just interested in making money than helping you. You should never come back in this clinic and look for someone else.